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Dave Matthews Band - 12.19.12 - Manchester, NH

So I met Shannon (a fellow superfan of dave & co.) through tumblr earlier this year. Last night was the first time we were able to watch a concert together. Damn, we all had a great time.

First, this guy standing next to us bought Shannon and I beers last night. Huge thanks and mad respect to the guy that turned down our offers to pay him for the $8 beers that he got us.

Next: Setlist?…………………UNBELIEVABLE. 

The stone - winter tour premiere/Opener….. WHAT A WAY TO START.

Proudest Monkey > Satellite - DIED. IM DEAD.

Crush - yup.

Drive In, Drive Out - It’s like the classic GREAT DMB JAM version of today’s Drunken Solider

Cornbread - There’s a story: A group of people just to the left of me held up a sign that was bedazzled with Christmas lights, and it said “Cornbread.” They held it up at the beginning of the concert, and Dave looked at them and nodded his head “yes”. About five songs later, they held up the sign. Dave looked at them again and nodded his head “yes” as if to say, “guys, just hang on a second…. it’s coming.” The whole GA Pit freaked out when they started playing Cornbread. I mean… ITS CORNBREAD. Joe Lawlor came on for a surprise solo…. confusing, but awesome.

Mercy - Saw the piano…. KNEW. Carter killed it. Oh, also, I was kinda the guy who started singing “Everyday” in the outro, and got the whole crowd to join in. No big deal, right?

Big Eyed Fish - HELL YEAH.

Grey Street - Yesterday was the birthday of a good friend of Shannon’s. All he wanted was Grey Street (well, everyone wanted Grey Street, but he did, especially). We all died, I’m pretty sure. (Yeah, that’s two deaths for me… glad you’re keeping a tally).

Drunken Soldier - I will never not want to hear Drunken Soldier.

Stay (Wasting Time)- WINTER TOUR 2012 PREMIERE. I freaked. This is a good closer (pre-encore). BUT WAIT…


Christmas Song - so awesome.

Don’t Drink The Water - YUPPPPPPPPPPP

Watchtower - I had never heard it in person at any of the shows I had been to before. YES PLEASE. so happy.

After the show, Shannon and I had to part ways. So, I set out to try and meet Dave like I mentioned in my post on tumblr yesterday. But the parking lot with the tour buses was fenced and security was pretty tight….. rightfully so, I guess. And I’m no James Bond, so I didn’t bother taking any chances. So, I just went to the Radisson, where I met up with Boyd again. He signed my ticket, and we hugged for like 30 seconds. I told him that they should bring back Monkey Man. He laughed and said that its a great song, for sure…. I TRIED, Lillywhite Session fans.

It was definitely an awesome night. A huge hug to everyone who read this… and another huge hug to everyone who follows me. You guys are awesome.


  1. meganjanegypsy said: I love you.
  2. imthat-mauiwowie answered: I just can’t believe you head stone…. FAVORITE SONG RIGHT THERE, OBVIOUSLY. Glad you had a wondeful DMB experience though =]
  3. shannonshine answered: So much fun! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE (as always)!
  4. warehouse34 answered: sounds like a great night! Looked like you were in a great spot too!
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